Millineals and Social Media

Millineals and Social Media

There’s no “secret”,
This isn’t a “fad”,
And it sure isn’t a
“millineal thing.”

MORE PEOPLE ARE watching TV online than ever—a lot more. Viewers are not exactly cutting the cable cord altogether, but growth in the number who want to watch TV over a different set of pipes is surging, according to a new report from Adobe. If anyone was still wondering why HBO and CBS plan to offer an online-only option, the trend is clear: the internet is where people want to watch. In more and more homes, online TV isn’t a geeky novelty, a sidelight to the traditional version. It’s just what TV looks like now.

Many of our clients, including local cooking shows, church groups, community/cultural programming and commercial campaigns are opting for us to showcase their brand via YouTube and Facebook.

So, why is Adobe in a position to know all this? Well, for one, its software runs the platform that nearly all US cable customers use to log into the online versions of their subscriptions. Researchers tracked 165 online video views and 1.53 billion logins over a year, and they found that total TV viewing over the internet grew by 388 percent in mid-2014 compared to the same time a year earlier—a near-quintupling. And the increase is more than just a few diehards binge-watching: the number of unique viewers well more than doubled, growing 146 percent year-over-year.

Eventually cable will follow bunny ears into the basement of dead technology, and online TV will be called something else: plain old TV.