MAY 14, 2018


Editor in Chief

MORE PEOPLE ARE watching TV online than ever—a lot more. Viewers are not exactly cutting the cable cord altogether, but growth in the number who want to watch TV over a different set of pipes is surging, according to a new report from Adobe.

If anyone was still wondering why HBO and CBS plan to offer an online-only option, the trend is clear: the internet is where people want to watch. In more and more homes, online TV isn’t a geeky novelty, a sidelight to the traditional version. It’s just what TV looks like now.

It’s also whats in and what is trending. Staying relevant now days involves staying in and trendy. Keeping with the social media age is not as hard as you think, as long as you stay relevant using the means that everyone else is. That is, trending on Twitter, likes, shares, and comments on Instagram and YouTube, sharing viral content on Facebook, and communicating with fans over Snapchat stories. The younger generations are the driving force behind the social media revolution, as more and more youth turn to digital content as entertainment, TV slowly is becoming a thing of the past.

When Fernando Vargas approached us early this year regarding the promotion of the Vargas Foundation, a foundation that focuses on inner city youth staying off the streets and provides the resources for them to grow both in, and outside the ring, we knew exactly what to do. The best way to bring the Vargas Foundation into the light was to tell the story behind how it came to be. The story started with none other than Fernando Vargas, his family, and their values and morals that can be seen in their everyday lives. The concept was creating a series that would showcase the life of the Vargas family, we knew that the best way to showcase the family in a successful and viral way would be through the most popular channel: YouTube. The number of channels, vlogs, and series that are already online on YouTube showcasing famous social media influencers, vloggers, celebrities, and some families, was a huge reason why we felt VargasTube would fit right in. The success is hidden in the strategy of reaching out to the younger generations to get the viral ball rolling. By this we mean, creating, producing, and distributing content that the younger Vargas generations can use on their own social media platforms. This would not only increase their digital media presence, it would draw increased attention to the overall family channel and more and more viewers would be interested in the lives of the Vargas family.

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